Empowering Christian women with the word of God

Biblical goal-setting principles

Help for difficult seasons

Godly women in the Bible

  • Rahab: Courageous faith
    Rahab the prostitute was a woman of courageous faith. She is one of only two women that Hebrews 11 lists among the great heroes of faith.
  • When God seems absent. Queen Esther’s story
    The book of Esther is not a love story. For years, Queen Esther lived through a nightmare. God seemed absent. But one day, it all made sense.

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Prayer and Intimacy with God

  • The power of persistent prayer
    Praying for a long time and not getting an answer doesn’t come naturally to us. But God wants us to pray persistently because there is power in persistent prayer.
  • Pray. Give it to God. Continue praying.
    When God does not answer our prayers, does that mean, we have prayed against God’s will? Or that we have prayed without faith or authority?
  • Intimacy with God – Enjoy the blessings of Psalm 91
    Psalm 91 is more than a prayer in times of danger. It describes the blessings a person who dwells in the place of intimacy with God.
  • Praying Psalm 91
    Psalm 91 is a well-known prayer for protection and deliverance. In times of crisis, there is one place we can always run to: the arms of our Heavenly Father! Where He is, no evil can be also. In His shadow, disaster cannot reach us.
  • Strength in the secret place: Time alone with God
    We are so busy and active, it is hard to just quiet down, and seek a moment alone with God. Yet it is exactly for the hustle and bustle of life, that we need to spend time in God’s secret place – the place of intimacy with God.
  • Whom my soul loves. Relentlessly pursuing Jesus.
    Is Jesus our First Love? How earnestly do we seek Jesus, how deep is our desire after him? Like the bride in the Song of Solomon, we need to pursue him and his presence relentlessly.

Jesus in the Feasts of Israel

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