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Spiritual Growth

It’s time to be a light to the world

2020 has been a very challenging year for so many. No one knows when “all of this” is going to end. It is as if a thick, dark cloud of negativity and hopelessness has descended on the earth. As Christians, we are called – now more than ever – to be different and be a light to the world.

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Spiritual Growth

Pray. Give it to God. Continue praying.

Praying over a long period of time without seeing an answer can be discouraging. We have all been there. Yet Jesus, again and again, tells us to always pray, and not give up. He was well aware how easily we get discouraged. This is why he warns us, not to give in to our flesh, but to continue praying. So, have we fallen into the trap of giving into our flesh and given up praying?