Purposeful Living

God has a vision and a purpose for our life (Ephesians 2:10). Our salvation is not the end of our story, it is the beginning! The Bible tells us, that God wants to see us grow personally and lead a successful and purposeful life – and be happy! (Be sure to also read: The power of having a vision)

Even the world seems to have realised that we all have a calling on our life. There is an all-time high demand for motivational speakers and personal coaches. Bloggers, speakers, authors teach us about goal-setting and self-development.

Discover God’s calling on your life

And there really is a lot of helpful stuff out there! I too enjoy getting input from visionary and successful people who are willing to share their wisdom. But could it be, that sometimes we’re seeking for inspiration in the wrong places?

After all, it is God who has given us gifts and talents. He has a calling for everyone of us, that is ours to discover, prepare for and fulfill! (Read also: What to do while waiting on God’s timing) God wants us to lead a prosperous life, he is the one who enables us to produce wealth (Deuteronomy 8: 18). And it is God’s wisdom, not (merely) human counsel, which causes us to prosper (Psalm 1:1-3). And this godly counsel we find in the Bible.

How to live a purposeful life with God

In the Bible we find principles on how to handle our money well, what attitudes to have towards our work and our service to God and others. We can learn how to tackle difficult seasons in life. (Read also: How to thrive during lockdown).

We find of advice on how to grow personally and what we need to prioritise be successful. (Read also: How to stay focused on your goals)

The Bible also gives us great relationship advice. In the way Jesus responded to the hostility of the Pharisees, we see how to set healthy boundaries. The Apostle Paul speaks on how to build good and healthy relationships with each other.

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What does the Bible say about personal growth?

  • Let go of the past: Forgive yourself
    Is forgiving yourself biblical? Yes, totally. What may sound opportunistic is actually necessary to serve God in our calling.
  • How to write a vision for your life
    If you finally want to do the things you always wanted to do, you need to know how to write a vision for your life.
  • The power of having a vision
    Think about the things you always dreamed of doing. Are you actually doing them? If not, then you probably don’t have a vision for your life.
  • What to do while waiting on God’s timing
    Waiting for God’s perfect timing is not a time to be passive. If we believe God answers prayers, then we should be takings steps of faith.
  • 30 Bible verses on vision and purpose
    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you actually lived the life you envision? These 30 Bible verses help us discover and pursue our vision and purpose.
  • How to stay focused on your goals
    To be successful, we need to learn from successful people. The Bible shows us ways to stay focused on our goals and fulfil our calling.
  • Turning a crisis into an opportunity
    In Joel 2:25-26, the Bible teaches us how a crisis can become an opportunity for personal growth and change.
  • How to thrive during lockdown
    Five helpful and faith-based tips to stay positive during lockdown, strengthen your faith, encourage others and thrive.
  • Soaring like eagles: The pursuit of happiness.
    As we pursue our dreams, build our ministries or climb the career ladder, it is so easy to run ahead of God. We strive, push, struggle – and burn out. Isaiah 40:31 tells us, that if we wait on God, he will renew our strength and we will soar like eagles.

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