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Spiritual growth

Totally trusting God

“The hand of our God is upon all those for good who seek Him.” Ezra 8:22, NKJV

Secure in God

Ezra knew God so well, that he confidently made such a bold statement publicly despite the danger that lay ahead of him. Ezra’s great confidence in God was based on his intimate knowledge of God’s character.

And that is available to us as well: there more we seek God and grow in our relationship with Him, the better we will know him and develop a the greater the sense of security and purpose.

If we truly know God, we will be certain that we are secure in His hand and that God always wants the best for us.

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Deepen your relationship with God

The first thing and absolute necessity to enter a relationship with God is that you are saved through faith in Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that only Jesus is the way to the Father and that only through Jesus we can have forgiveness of sin, which is the barrier between us and God. Without that barrier removed, there is no relationship.

If you are saved, then you can approach God and enter His presence with confidence, by following two practical steps.

  • Read the Bible. The King of the Universe, your Creator, invites you to read his words, his thoughts and and plans
  • Get to know God intimately.  How do husband and wife get to know each other? Not merely by reading each others’ love letters, but by spending quality time together, opeing up their hearts, speaking their mind, and listening to each other.

Wouldn’t you feel unappreciated if your partner would read your love letters, but wouldn’t want to spend time with you? Of if he/she would just ignore your carefully worded and compiled letters?

And how much would your partner miss of your loving thoughts for him/her, never knowing the depth of your heart and character?

God is waiting for you

The good news is, that God will never ignore us, neither our prayers, nor our thoughts. He waits for us our whole lifetime, 24 hours a day, to come and spend time with Him and get to know Him.

Finally, this verse does not imply we can earn God’s protection – we cannot. But by seeking God and knowing Him, we grow in the confidence and assurance of it, and can like Ezra make such bold statements.

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